PRICING - Doggy Day Care full day, half day or trial day

What does it all mean??

First Day Trial:

Each dog must attend an initial doggy day care trial to make sure they absolutely love Bright Eyes and Bushy Tails before they spend the day with us. The initial visit will last up to 2 hours and a pawrent needs to be contactable if pup decides they’ve had enough excitement for one day.

 Day Care Cost
Full Day$47
Full Day 10 Pass$430
Half Day$28
Half Day 10 Pass$255
First Day Trial$20

Half Day: Up to 4 hours of Day Care

Full Day: Over 4 hours of Day Care

Half Day + Full Day 10 Pass:

Enjoy a discount for purchasing in advance. 10 Passes have a 12 month expiry, so plenty of time for your pup to come and play.

PRICING - FEAR FREE GROOMING wash, groom and maintenance



Wash: Includes Bath, Shampoo, Conditioner, Dry, Brush & Perfume

 Standard Double Coated X-Large
WashFrom $40From $80From $50

A quote will be given at the beginning of your service, this is determined by the size of the dog, length and condition of their coat, and dog's temperament.

We are a fear-free groomer, which means your dog's temperament can affect the cost of the groom. We work with dogs to provide a safe and positive experience.

A fear-free groom also means a groom may need to be done in more than one visit, so we can work under your dogs threshold. We believe in giving your dog a voice and will never force or restrain them.

Groom: Includes Bath, Shampoo, Conditioner, Dry, Brush, Cut of Choice, Nails & Perfume

 Small Medium Large X-Large
GroomFrom $70
(Small up to 15kg)
From $80
(Medium 16-25kg)
From $90
(Large 26-35kg)
From $100
(Xlarge over 35kg)

Puppy Groom: $60

* Our fear free qualified groomer will desensitise your puppy to the noises and sensations they will experience during grooming. Having the grooming experience be a positive one from the get go will benefit everyone involved.

Anxious/ reactive dogs: $45 per hour.

* We work alongside The Dog Project to help create positive associations for your dogs grooming experience. Helping make grooming less stressful for you and your dog.

*Prices are a guide, price will vary in relation to coat length, condition and dog's temperament. Our groomer will give you a quote when they have assessed your dog.

Maintenance / TidyFace Tidy Up - $20Hygiene Cut - $20Nails - $10Puppy Groom - $60