DOG YOGA - 'DOGA' In Wollongong CBD

Just like mums and bubs, but the bubs are furry 🐶and dads are welcome too. 

Yoga classes for dog lovers learning to calm

Dog-Friendly Yoga is for busy fur-parents like you, who:

  • Find it hard to fit in play time with your furbub
  • Want your doggy to learn how to calm, so you can do more together
  • Would love more me-time (without losing time with your furbaby)
  • Want to achieve better mental and physical health

During class your dog will learn to calm on their mat or crate or their favourite bed, whatever will make them most comfortable. Allowing you to focus on yourself and enjoy your yoga class. Benefiting from the collective energy of humans and dogs to calm each other.

By teaching our dogs that they do not have to be involved with everything we do and it is safe to calm near us, this will open up countless activities for you to do together. It will help you sit at cafes while your dog lays calmly by your side, it will help them calm at home, instead of follow you constantly from room to room. It will teach you both the importance of downtime.

Our doga classes are also for those dog lovers who cannot have a dog of their own yet (me in my 20s). Come to class, play with the dogs, snuggle with them during savasana and receive the benefits of patting and being near dogs.

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yoga and dog yoga Classes timetable and instructors

Doga and Yoga Classes

Do you find it hard to fit in playtime with your furbub (and me-time for your mental and physical health?)

Our dog yoga classes offer a 30-minute playtime before or after the class (see timetable below for more details).

On Saturdays and in summer we encourage you to take your dog to the beach which is a short 2 minute walk away (or an even shorter drive).

Class typeTimetable
Dog FriendlyTuesdays, 6pm (come at 5.30pm for playtime)
Hoomans OnlyTuesdays, 7.15pm (no dogs at this class)
Dog FriendlySaturdays, 8am (come at 7.30am for playtime)
Beach adventure available after class

Important to know:

  • 10 people max per class
  • 5 dogs max per doga class
  • Our dog trainer Gemma will be present at doga classes guiding you on how to calm your dogs

You'll see in the timetable above we offer a dog-free (hoomans only) yoga class on Tuesdays. Although we absolutely love dogs and understand the benefits being near them brings, we also strongly believe that you need you-time. Hooman-only yoga is all about you…… we may chat about dogs though, I mean we’re only hooman 🙂

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Introducing Michelle...

Michelle has been a teacher of yoga and meditation for 10 years and a practitioner for 20 years. She believes in, and has felt and seen the benefits of the practice in her own life, and teaches from an integrated approach, developing an understanding of the science of the practice.

Michelle believes when you show up on the mat, you show up wholeheartedly for yourself, as the mat provides a mirror reflection of all that we are as individuals and humans.

Introducing Lucia...

Lucia has been practising yoga for many years and believes in the power of yoga that it has on both the body and mind. In 2019 she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in the beautiful mountains of north India where she learned from many wonderful teachers and gurus.

Coming from a dance background and currently teaching dance, movement has always been an important part of her life. She hopes to share her knowledge of yoga and movement with everyone in her classes to create a beautiful practise for not only people but their dogs too!

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