PRICING - Doggy Day Care half day or trial day

What does it all mean??

First Day Trial:

Each dog must attend an initial doggy day care trial to make sure they absolutely love Bright Eyes and Bushy Tails before they spend the day with us. The initial visit will last up to 1 hour and a pawrent needs to be contactable if pup decides they’ve had enough excitement for one day.

 Day Care Cost
Half Day$40
Half Day 10 Pass$390
First Day Trial$20
Home Delivery$10- $15

What is a half day?:

A half-day is a visit lasting up to four hours.

There may be an additional cost if your furbub stays longer than four hours. Why four hours you say? We have found this is about the limit before your furbub is so tired they find it difficult to make the right choice. We like setting your furbub up for success, so the ability to go home and have a nice long nap after their big play sounds good to us!

Additional Costs:

We are not like other daycares, we use positive reinforcement training with your furbub throughout their stay. This means there may be an additional fee if your furbub needs a little more one on one attention. We will always tell you if there will be an extra charge. Our rates range from $10-$20/hour.

Half Day:

Earliest drop-off 8am, latest pick-up 1pm

Shorter Visits:

Shorter visits are available. A BEBT team member will discuss with you the best type of stay for your furry friend. We want to make sure your furbub is always having the best time possible and for some that might mean a quick 1-2 hour visit.

Half Day 10 Pass:

Enjoy a discount for purchasing in advance. 10 Passes have a 12 month expiry, so plenty of time for your pup to come and play.



For the Hoomans:

Casual Visit: $25

10 pass: $230

Student: $23


For the Fur-bubs:

1 hour play: $10




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