Yoga & Pilates for all of the busy fur-parents who are out walking their dog rain, hail or shine.

Now you can look after yourself and your furbub at the same time 🐶

Yoga & PILATES classes for dog lovers with doggy creche

BEBT Dog-Friendly Yoga & Pilates Studio is for:

  • Fur-parents who don't have time to exercise their dogs and themselves
  • Dog lovers who can't have a dog of their own. Come + get your dog fix
  • Fur-parents who would love more me-time (without losing time with your furbaby)
  • Anyone wanting to achieve better mental and physical health

While you enjoy your yoga or pilates session, your dog will enjoy supervised playtime with their friends. Using positive reinforcement methods your dog will be encouraged to work on their recall and disengagement, helping them to better interact with the world.

Calm dogs are welcome to join the hoomans inside for some down-dogs, cuddles or a nap. 

When you hear a dog sigh as it relaxes it reminds you to take notice of your own breath. Dog-friendly yoga & pilates allows everyone to benefit from the collective energy of humans and dogs to calm each other.

When class is over you will both be ready to wind down and enjoy your time together.

Our classes are also for those dog lovers who cannot have a dog of their own yet. Come to class, play with the dogs, snuggle with them during savasana and receive the benefits of cuddling and being near dogs.

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yoga and dog yoga Classes timetable and instructors

Yoga & Pilates Classes

Do you find it hard to fit in exercise for your furbub and me-time for your mental and physical health?

Our dog-friendly yoga & pilates studio provides a place for your dog to run and play with their friends while you get your zen on.

Think of it like creche for your dog.

Yoga timetable (2)

* Little dogs only


For the Hoomans:



Casual visit: $21

10 pass: $190

(10 passes can be used for both yoga & pilates classes)


For the fur-bubs:

Creche: $10

(One hour of play time)

Calm inside dog: $5

(Your dog must be with you for the majority of the class, if they play outside for most of the class the creche price will apply)

Important to know:

  • 15 people max per class
  • 10 dogs max per creche session
  • Little dogs only (and calm bigger dogs)
  • Yoga classes are 1 hour
  • Pilates classes are 55 min
  • All creche plays are 1 hour

Your dogs will enjoy supervised play while you enjoy a beautiful yoga or pilates session.

Your dog is more than welcome to chill inside with the hoomans and enjoy a cuddle or two.

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Introducing Hannah...

Come enjoy a beautiful yoga class with Hannah. Hannah will guide you through a mindful practice, tuning into yourself and noticing what you need out of each class. 

Introducing Amy...

Hi Everyone, my name is Amy and I love Pilates and Pets! I fell in love with Pilates over 5 years ago due to its low impact, yet effective style of movement. You can lie down and still get a killer burn in, win-win! When I'm not teaching I love to read, play netball and eat anything with sugar in it. I look forward to welcoming you and your furry friends onto the mat.

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