Puppy Preschool In Wollongong CBD

Fun, interactive, positive-reinforcement based training to build resilience and prevent problem behaviours from developing

PUPPY SCHOOL essential skills for life

Puppy preschool provides fur-parents with knowledge and practical skills, as well as building up your puppy's skills and experiences in a way that will set you both up for life.


Our fun, interactive and positive-reinforcement based 5-week program will help mediate between your family and your pup with clarity and set an ethical standard and guideline to improve your relationship and communication.


By making your pups formative weeks as comfortable and safe as possible, at puppy school we aim to build resilience and prevent behaviour problems from developing.

Topics covered include

  • Learning how dogs learn

  • Dog body language and communication

  • Puppy proofing your home

  • Toilet training

  • Common puppy problem behaviours

  • Leaving pup home alone

  • How to calm your puppy

  • Socialisation

  • Walking and travelling in the car

  • Interactions between dogs and kids

  • Fun games and tricks!


Introducing Jess...

Jess is a rewards-based dog trainer who has been training dogs recreationally since she was a teenager, and professionally since 2018.

Inspired by her passion for learning, Jess thrives by educating her clients and their dogs in fun, kind and ethical ways.

Her empathetic approach offers scientifically sound, practically effective and humanely appropriate techniques to provide clear and consistent communication between you and your dog, facilitating a life-long relationship built on mutual trust and respect.